truth of poetry


February 2015

Winters Run

The cold nips at your knees

Like a dog herding you, away

From the destination you want

and making you want

The destination the dog wants  ( like sheep to the slaughter)

Humans to winters run

Fingers blue, Lungs ensue

As breathing stops to smile with pleasure

As oxygen freezes right in front of your teeth

With the sun still shinning, Never feeling its brilliance

Wanting warmth, Pinning

We all want blankets and blankets out of winters run

When will winters run be done?

And we can feel the brilliance of the sun

And lose the dog from our knees


Out of time

I drink my coffee, I drink my wine

these 6 strings only touch 2 fingers at a time

with 2 feet we dance on the edge of space, out of time

As we listen to the mothers chime

out of order, sitting in a line

Player play to the listeners rhyme

Stolen in a whisper such a crime

If life gives you lemons, Enjoy the lime

Dance with me into the sublime

Sitting on a fence, that’s a fine

Letting your brain twist into a bind

and peel away like a rotten rind

Listen to the fathers chime

and sing a song with such a rhyme

As listeners talk and prophets die on the vine

its a fine time to commit a useless crime

Just step together and hold the line

You’ll find the sublime, Its all a matter of time

Dance with 1 foot out of time

Become something more then the life’s last crime

At the cross roads, look for no sign

cast aside all the wine

and just sit a listen to this rhyme

From the wind chime

you will find, that human kind

May never find the sublime

Just dance with me, on the edge, out of time

its been 3 years

elected endeavours of emporers

so it has been 3 years since i started my poetic career. it has been a battle but fun all the same

here is the link to my first full length book of poetry

filled with poems about Life, Love and Death 

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