truth of poetry


November 2014

new spoken word track


Eye Candy

She walks down the streets
through the crowds and painted faces

Shopping centres hold nothing but vanity
This is just eye candy
Hey sandy, stand in the rain and let the make up wash away
this place took hours to recreate
Placed in section and made to fit perfectly
into each other
blush, mascara, eyes lined with black
The shadow, Smokey and glazed the sharper image
the silhouette on her lips enhance every word she speaks
and it flows of her tongue to float across the air
teasing the sight for one last look to the beauty
Oh Sweet Vanity
Eye candy to the noblest kings
What a brilliant sting sent from the string that had us tied to vanity
Fancy, that my love, poeple look to the models on high
The picture of eye candy
The truth standing with vanity
Its all insanity to think we can be only eye candy
and not have depravity

Humanity is the only True Beauty

Adrift,( remove this)

restless rift

all just floating on a raft of anxiety and nervous pleas

paid the fee to cross the mindless state of america

Hysteria burns through the plains and pains of flight or fight

remove this

remove this

remove this

life’s kiss is a “miss” understood rose or maybe thorns

when Horns pierce the side

Porn covered on all channels of snowy T.V.

restless minds

all kinds of binds and times

all adrift on a raft

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