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If I die, my love for you. will never die

He stood beside her/she stood beside him
Hand in hand, smiling where they stand
They through caution to the wind
Making their next of kin
Traversed the world
And took it by storm

Now there is a time for everything
A time to be born, a time to die
A time to sow, a time to reap
A time to kill, a time to heal
A time to break down, a time to build up
A time to weep, a time to laugh
A time to lose, a time to gain
There is a time for everything
But as he stood beside her/and she stood beside him
Hand in hand/smiling where they stand
There is never a time for love to fade away
And like a leave hanging on the tree in sway
He love will stand beside her now
Hand in hand


Eternity and evermore

1 year
365 days
With hand in hand walking in the rain
With some pain but a truly beautiful gain
As we painted the town red stain
This love will be sustain for all to see
This fame
We all call love!!!
This song of the morning dove
A blessing from above
All in her eyes is love
For eternity  and ever more

5 spoken word tracks

Beautiful Fable

She’s still looking across the table 

He’s still gliding across the floor 

Shall we dance? Turn all this into a beautiful fable 

Make sure you lock the door 

In private, In flesh all is revealed and worshipped 

Her legs 

His fingers

Her satin silky skin

His silver tongue 

They dance, They Prance, have each other enhanced by each other on the floor and under the moon luminescence

They dance 

Words and kisses 

Teasing and breathing in each other until the intoxicating feelings end both of you laying in each others embrace 

Slow the hearts pace 

Cant forget her face 

Locked the door incase 

What a fun chase

Nothing will be in haste to revisit this evening of such a beautiful fable 


Dear Purity

Dear Purity 


Licking curry, making everything Blurry 

Your in such a hurry 

Your cuteness went for a scurry 

Across the hall and into Hells Jury 

Plead Guilty 

Sat on the bench in a knot of worry 

For life and youth will flee in a furry 

But Don’t Worry

Dear Purity 

Ill find a place with no worry 

and traffic will stop  in a hurry

Brightly stay awake

Lets dance baby

Through the streets, Through theses damned beliefs. A stray 

 Lets dance on broken glass, Bourbon and whiskey 

No more green grass on the other side 

Blotch out the sun 

Lets dance the night to day and dance the day away, Baby

Diamonds & Pearls 

Golden locks & Curls 

All is groovy 

All is beauty 

Lets dance, brightly stay awake

This is what you longed for!!

Walking down the street

 Lite by only a few street lamps but feeling like your shadow is the only one to understand

 As you walk to the station ending a run of such importance with elaborate meaning

The cynic in you says “This was a waste.

The optimist screams “This is what you longed for.

To the people that surrounded you all you can say is “Thank you my friends.”

Never to forget what you found out and learned the truth that laid in your soul

Remembering that after the thunder rolls

 The lighting crashes and the next morning is a site of calm beauty

 Like when you saw yourself in the mirror for the first time after she said “I love you!

The past flashed away, The present embraced by others, As your future watch’s from a distance

This is what you longed for!


Im not the savior your looking for

How can you believe in such a fool?

What a decision of the poor

Nature even calls me the lost

I cant be a savior when im sinking lower then davey jones’ locker

draw my name in the sand muddy and washed away by the sea

I’ll bring you closer to the start, I’ll bring it further from its heart

and I know you love him but ill show you aside which u cant unseen

with lights growing dim and I’m the siren in the sea which will never be the savior your looking for and the one real key

Safe and satisfied

Held down by her legs , Wrapped around my waist

With finger nails left imbedded in my back and chest

With the smell of sex and passion, Sweat and blood

She Finds the noose to hold me in place

As she teases and plays (like a tiger playing with its prey)

Having me begging for more, Wishing to never stop

I cant help but love these games we play

A Little S&M goes along way

Still tied to the bed, smiling from ear to ear

As she has found ecstasy and now sleeps on my chest

Curled up by Her man, not able to wrap my arms around her

yet feeling safe and satisfied once again





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