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New book of poetry

If you enjoy the prose of The lizard king and the odes of T.S Eliot. The outer perception of William Blake. Check out the new full length book of poetry.  Out now!!!
Titled “The beauty of mystery” by Dorian grey


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2 become 1

Let me play you out
I’ll have you finished and laying naked wrapped in my sheets
Now just listen to our hearts, As they beat
Just listen, My angel
Listen the our rhythm
Listen to our flesh crawling over one another
Embracing our sexual nature
Let me be your Shaman, Your Preacher
Let me guide you into the realm of bodily expression
As 2 Become 1

Lay here until the sun
Lay here until the moon is done
Let your love hit me
Like a solid ton
Place my eyes in your soul
As I kiss the very ground graced by your sole
Just touch me
Just touch me
Calm me, Entangle me, Captivate me
Let me and you stand and be true

Let me play this soulful music
Let me breath you in, Intermission
enjoy an encore

Let me be your submission
As I look unto a rose, I love your thorns
Touch me, Touch me, Touch me

As 2 become 1
Lets have some fun
Lets paint the town red
Making everything come to life that was dead

The creation is laying with us
In our bed, In our bed
As 2 become 1
Lets dance in each other heads
As 2 becomes 1

Beautiful Fable

She’s still looking across the table 

He’s still gliding across the floor 

Shall we dance? Turn all this into a beautiful fable 

Make sure you lock the door 

In private, In flesh all is revealed and worshipped 

Her legs 

His fingers

Her satin silky skin

His silver tongue 

They dance, They Prance, have each other enhanced by each other on the floor and under the moon luminescence

They dance 

Words and kisses 

Teasing and breathing in each other until the intoxicating feelings end both of you laying in each others embrace 

Slow the hearts pace 

Cant forget her face 

Locked the door incase 

What a fun chase

Nothing will be in haste to revisit this evening of such a beautiful fable 



Listen to what I’m saying
every scene you will see is part, hand in hand with the seven seas
sweetly adrift in a swarm of sirens

a scorn to the chest and your entering the sirens nest confess to all this slander in scandal

surrounded by songs sung by the angels that we hear singing the song sung by king david
when he saw his siren in the shimmering light of the moon
as it shown down on her silhouette in a shine so bright
that the light stepped down and kneeled on her shoulders
Traveling the seven seas in search of sanctuary form the storm
with safety in sight with these scars on this ship
we all fall to the depths of the sea
find davy jones and hunt for this siren, scorn to slave hearts
striking lust into the stained hands of the sea
and find satan sitting on a stool signing the dotted line
so many times security failed
so I say ladies stay away
secretly seeking serpents sickness, slither sideways swaying silently and so far sneaky
scared sacred scenes, saw stayed stowed ships sink slowly shaking sirens singing songs of sad sighs, sights and sounds
and with this sinister smile on the cheshire cats face
this silent cynical sermon will show the slightest advance of simplified systems of seduction

since time stopped of started
space and son have spun out of the surrounding surface and started a sirens solitude of solitary sentencing
stoop into a stew of scarf ice and searching for
some venom
some vices
snakes, serpents, smoke and smog
surround this space
slight of hand is slippery slimy and spoken in hush songs
some evil
some sin
sensual, sexual, skin, sex
single the sex in sinful satin
storing the subdued stories of scars
stained in the bed
starting to see the slight sight of light
searching for the sabre and signalling her to start slicing the seven sins
into a shattered mirror of society

Little Evil Angel

Here is a spoken word track.  Check er out!!!! 

Produced by Mikey Bars 

Writing by Dorian Grey 


Dear Purity

Dear Purity 


Licking curry, making everything Blurry 

Your in such a hurry 

Your cuteness went for a scurry 

Across the hall and into Hells Jury 

Plead Guilty 

Sat on the bench in a knot of worry 

For life and youth will flee in a furry 

But Don’t Worry

Dear Purity 

Ill find a place with no worry 

and traffic will stop  in a hurry

Brightly stay awake

Lets dance baby

Through the streets, Through theses damned beliefs. A stray 

 Lets dance on broken glass, Bourbon and whiskey 

No more green grass on the other side 

Blotch out the sun 

Lets dance the night to day and dance the day away, Baby

Diamonds & Pearls 

Golden locks & Curls 

All is groovy 

All is beauty 

Lets dance, brightly stay awake

Safe and satisfied

Held down by her legs , Wrapped around my waist

With finger nails left imbedded in my back and chest

With the smell of sex and passion, Sweat and blood

She Finds the noose to hold me in place

As she teases and plays (like a tiger playing with its prey)

Having me begging for more, Wishing to never stop

I cant help but love these games we play

A Little S&M goes along way

Still tied to the bed, smiling from ear to ear

As she has found ecstasy and now sleeps on my chest

Curled up by Her man, not able to wrap my arms around her

yet feeling safe and satisfied once again





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