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Poetry – Recipe for Anarchy

Here lies a beautiful website/blog.
‘recipe for anarchy’ has everything.. Reviews of poets and poetry. Recipes for all your needs and wants.

This link is a review of my book release.
These words are touching. To have a another artist speak of a poet with praise.
This is why i write….so others may find their muse!!!

Thanks for the kind words “recipeforanarchy”


New book of poetry

If you enjoy the prose of The lizard king and the odes of T.S Eliot. The outer perception of William Blake. Check out the new full length book of poetry.  Out now!!!
Titled “The beauty of mystery” by Dorian grey


Check it out at any online seller of books!! 

Left Behind

Clearly Sincerely

                 You are the uncultured swine

                  Dripping flu, Down and blue

                 To a format of life with meaning

                 Steaming in spirit and longing to be more

                   Then to be left behind, Again

Path ways Pathological Ideals

Slipping on a banana peel

Watching a photo reel of something you never had the honour to feel

All you can do is reel

From loss of experience and Life’s ordeals

Liars all willing to steal

Soldiers are willing to heal

this is all a dream

Everything is Portion

Everything in Motion

Everything beseeches Ocean

You lose everything on the oceans

After you drink the sirens potion

Taste her passion

As your blood starts roasting on your tongue

This is all a dream!

This is all a dream!!

This is all a dream!!!

You scream at the mirror!!!

Your lost on this big blue ocean

and cant find the motion in which way is up

Your tongue taste boasting

but your brain is all fuzzy notions

This is all a dream

This is all a dream

Winters Run

The cold nips at your knees

Like a dog herding you, away

From the destination you want

and making you want

The destination the dog wants  ( like sheep to the slaughter)

Humans to winters run

Fingers blue, Lungs ensue

As breathing stops to smile with pleasure

As oxygen freezes right in front of your teeth

With the sun still shinning, Never feeling its brilliance

Wanting warmth, Pinning

We all want blankets and blankets out of winters run

When will winters run be done?

And we can feel the brilliance of the sun

And lose the dog from our knees

its been 3 years

elected endeavours of emporers

so it has been 3 years since i started my poetic career. it has been a battle but fun all the same

here is the link to my first full length book of poetry

filled with poems about Life, Love and Death 

The Payment

The water is warm, almost hot

The ice is melting with the snow, like falling asleep on a blanket-less cot

The walls shake with trepidation and tradition brings in a brighter future

Grasping at straws and finding the needles hole

(there is no treasure)

Rebelling with no real thoughts of Why, What for?

(maybe just running)

from a so called dreary existence of worms and birds

A fake smile is a warm hand, “says the under intelligent’s” we’ve made breed

Waste of a precious seed, all to find need but wont let the ground find the knee

“all to brave” all to hopped up on empty souls

No need for silence, so they say

but silence is how you must pay, to stay alive

Come on in, the water is warm, almost hot

Just relax and sow that mouth shut

and listen to the payment

On & On & On & On

The Gems of the Nile

cover the shore line in a pile, of such beauty with such mesmerizing scenes

This world is held in denial of meaning

The colours,The shaped  rows and rows are all screaming

on & on & on & on

Stand with me, Bath with me, Dance with me

To the other side, the other worlds are calling for meaning

Transporting into otherness

Idols, Gods, Art all derived from the wayside

What a scene of screaming beauty

To be back in innocence of style and sight

To see the light as it truly wants to be seen and have been

As it goes

on & on & on & on

SoCan Burns

Lights blare for you, Clare

the clear under tone of something clear

so much fear, so much beer

cancelled programs

SoCan burned  to the ground after you left

fire burned the streets to the pavement

“I blame you Flint Jackson”

15 chords played at once

the wolf loves to be on the hunts

for the arsonist

SoCan burns SoCan burns

A spokes person stands at the crowd

takes the crown with no frown,

Just a clown

for the poster boy to be the scape boat

floating down the moat in a pedal boat with a hole in the bottom of the moat

the water drains from the land to the brain

SoCan, SoCan’t burn 

SoCan’t burn flooded with water and road paint

hold close your saint

SoCan burns SoCan burns

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