truth of poetry


June 2015

Me, Maybe

This place left in a palace full of malice and pride
Carpets and tapestries all formed from human hide
Stand Focused, Awake and Aware
Stand under the ivories embrace and leave this broken mirror, looking at its own face
Believe me, sir
I have seen the black panther purr
Killed her and wore her fur
This was done with nothing pure
Will these walls fall? (As Jericho slammed to the ground)
Trumpets and voices sound (All came tumbling down)
Now bound to a voice of reason and blasphemy
Blinded by a place of the darkest unseen
Hell now seems like a love scene (In Paradise)
Fire and Brim stone lead ashes to ashes standing tall

Embrace me
Murder me
Smash my Roses and Burn my Bridges
Understand me, Maybe


Broken yet Beautiful

finally making a stand
with my heart in hand

mistakes to be made
leaving it blue, black and red
grays never the right shade
lost and confused in your head
yet your colours will be shown
with a beautiful song written in lovin tone

I’ll sing this tune to you
as your laying on my chest
listening to the heart
as it keeps the beat to our love song
and the lyrics whisper in your ear
your smile is the blueprint to the song
the major notes to be heard all around

even though my heart is ripped and torn
Im still longing to be beautiful
but Im stuck at being broken
all I know is I want you to fix me
singing your song is helping me heal

it’s all I want to see
all I need is for to lay beside me

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