truth of poetry


out there

Hell we create

Watch as a man dressed in a black suit with a skinny tie. Strut towards the middle of the night. Longing into the foggy mist of the unknown.
In the dark there lies the evil, the nightmares, the monsters lurking in the shadows. But if you pay the man due.
He will keep those shadows wounded

Straight from the boat mans mouth a line and sinker. Hooking your teeth and dragging you to hell below.
Where evil wont linger
But if you pay the man due
He will keep those shadows wounded

Look for the devil in the details and summon the might to write in the pen that is mightier then the sword.
As sticks and stones may break bones
My silver tongue will cut you
You can dance with the devil
And haunt the prey
But you will always be the one who’s slane



Esoteric Skeletons
Skeleton keys through the enigma
Breathing is shadows of fog and mist
This can’t be missed

Esoteric Buildings
Buildings blue prints to structure this palace
Filling in enigmas with shadows and darkness

Remember to mark this
These hands have marked this

Lighting blurs into shapes, Creatures, Ghost and all spirits that roam
In what we call
Esoteric forms
To the Towns, To the Cities, To the Village, To the Castles, To the Churches,
To the Chapels, To The People

We are all esoteric, Ambiguous, Mysterious, Enigmas to this plane of thought
Trained Brains without existence’s stain
Thinking outside the box
Esoteric surgery
A hoax to most

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