truth of poetry


February 2014

Fatal America

Sleepless nights 

Fatal America 

Cynical statements to proclaim power of ignorance 

The calling cards 

Fake documents with Branded seals 

This is America…. The Great, The Power, The Fake, The Laughable nation 

Notions of 

Broken scenes to cover the paper trails 

Soliders to bury the innocent and Praise the ignorant 

Fatal America 


Brightly stay awake

Lets dance baby

Through the streets, Through theses damned beliefs. A stray 

 Lets dance on broken glass, Bourbon and whiskey 

No more green grass on the other side 

Blotch out the sun 

Lets dance the night to day and dance the day away, Baby

Diamonds & Pearls 

Golden locks & Curls 

All is groovy 

All is beauty 

Lets dance, brightly stay awake

Till the end

A loss of creativity

And the flame flickers

On & On & On & ON

Downing the wax, congealing 

The eager urge to burn slowly 

The colour Yellow blues 

burn into pale dim eye balls 

Lasting to a image of such….



A touch of shadow to the minds eye

& still its closed of to inspiration 

Not stuck in the box 

Placed gentle into the box by their own right hands 

So maybe the flame will not flicker 

On & On & On & On


I don’t Drink

I don’t do Drugs

I don’t smoke Cigarettes

I’ve died quicker then I’ve lived

Confined in just a Room

Confined in just my Mind

Come & fined these Teeth 

Come & Fined all these Scars

Bled dry by the razor blades, stuck, in bedded into flesh that I cut away 

I don’t Bleed 

I don’t Cry 

I don’t feel Human 

I deny my instincts 

I deny my Emotion 

I hide my Heart 

I chain my Soul, to the same blade that scared my flesh 

with no character and smile



LOVE (a constant state beyond time and space)

Walking in the wind you feel the wind.

But walking with an angel you won’t feel love. 

Love won’t be there until you let it take you closer. 

She can make your blood boil (that is not love)

She can bring you to your knees (that is not love) 

She can stop your heart and keep your smile from fading (that is not love)

But when she betters you and you can take yourself away from this situation (that is love)

To take yourself away and be confedient in this angel, the Fear is gone and petty emotion has disappeared in both of you.

Love has reigned supreme and can not and will not dim

You have chosen it to burn 


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