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Gods of our time

Kick start this heat wave and create an evolution
Like the Genesis
Pull the trigger and bleed the revolution
Like the walls of Jericho
Watch until his feet stop kicking
Her lips dripping with blood
As her tongue starts licking
As the walls, covered in blood start sticking
This is the scene for the masses
False hood and Hollywood taught in classes
Reality is still only a scene through each different glasses
Stand fierce against the current
Trends and faux pas of this so called “peaceful, intelligent society”
Oh Hollywood and false hoods….
The gods of our time


Lights, camera, action

Take it away and let it live

Give it a name and watch it die

Until the lights go out on the st.

(Lites, camera, action. Fade into a st spotted by lights)

Flicker the match and burn the gasoline and leave the flesh melted and crude , raw and scarred

After this is created in prose

Hand it to the minds that can tear it apart with control and fresh eyes.

Words that tear and still feel because they care
Get these pictures, scenes and stories of old.

(lights, camera, film this st with speed and grace)

The pen is mightier then the sword

So st

art the ink to flow from the veins of the fingers attached to the minds guided by the soul that will create the words to cage the Gods

Stand in prose
Hold the candle
Guide the light past the gaze of night
Forward onto dawn
Stand in prose
(lights, camera, action)

New book of poetry

If you enjoy the prose of The lizard king and the odes of T.S Eliot. The outer perception of William Blake. Check out the new full length book of poetry.  Out now!!!
Titled “The beauty of mystery” by Dorian grey


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its been 3 years

elected endeavours of emporers

so it has been 3 years since i started my poetic career. it has been a battle but fun all the same

here is the link to my first full length book of poetry

filled with poems about Life, Love and Death 

On & On & On & On

The Gems of the Nile

cover the shore line in a pile, of such beauty with such mesmerizing scenes

This world is held in denial of meaning

The colours,The shaped  rows and rows are all screaming

on & on & on & on

Stand with me, Bath with me, Dance with me

To the other side, the other worlds are calling for meaning

Transporting into otherness

Idols, Gods, Art all derived from the wayside

What a scene of screaming beauty

To be back in innocence of style and sight

To see the light as it truly wants to be seen and have been

As it goes

on & on & on & on

5 spoken word tracks

new spoken word track


There was a time when being alone, was having her beside you

Relax’d in each others embrace, presence and passions

Scaling the walls, Did our love bleed, Ascending towards the heavens of Zeus, Jesus, Buddha and all the other black nameless God’s of our time


Her kiss, Burn’d onto my lips

How I miss, Holding onto her hips

Pure bliss, on the rose tips

Dancing amiss, in the garden of pips


Dreams weave’d from reality

(since reality has now trump’d Surreality)

Her skin soft, satin and colour’d with a dark silk

Dancing in the rain

Dripping with passion

Desire for beauty

Deep, Dark eyes piercing toward the devils “good side”

Starring down the world

Tearing down the walls

Bearing the falls



Angels we have heard on high 

Sweetly sings her beautiful lullaby 

and the mountains in reply, echo in a joyful sing 




Where did we go?

Chemicals, Poison, Tributes to the sounds of Spiritual themes 

Chantings, Singing, Fire circles and Smoke signs 

Bursting through the veins to the brains of computer feed humans 

The “in destiny” has breed you all

Calling cards designed into flesh 

Zombies to T.V.

& Ghosts to tress, places and playgrounds

Ghost towns and Valleys become dried up rivers

Intoxicated & entangled in a web of nerves and viens, Blood & Cells 

Hands, Fingers holding close to the heart 

Hair standing on end to Ratify the choices 

To be a reckoning of the ages 

The silver lining into the rising sun 

Cast out the hallow moon

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