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September 2014

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Nothing is out there

How are you feeling today?

Is there anything out there?

Smoke and smog or fog

Shadow’s linger on the Devil’s finger

To the danger we smile, with a crooked grin and a glass of gin

Cigarettes between lines and lies

Lips and clever tips, of money and advice

This is America……… (freedom of truth)

Stranger’s to Danger

Stranger’s to the saner part of……….. (reality)

Now, How are you feeling?

Nothing is out there


Face’s in the mirror / Faces in the clouds

Which ones will lead you to treasure & lost & found Idols?

Two Face was easier to read / even under the microscope 

He laughed, smiled, Cursed thy very name

Faces everywhere / Dancing alone with shadows

Causalities of moonlit nights 

A train screams to a halt 

metal on metal   Coal lingers in the steam

Iron sharpens Iron 

Stones will bleed once you cut the flash of the scorpion 

Faces all in a mirage

Not delirious from dehydration / Just seeing faces from a haunting memory 

The line in the sane / Can’t beat the face held in thy hand 

Or behind the curtain 

Faces in the mirror / faces in the shadows 

Reveal the Hallows 


Beautiful Fable

She’s still looking across the table 

He’s still gliding across the floor 

Shall we dance? Turn all this into a beautiful fable 

Make sure you lock the door 

In private, In flesh all is revealed and worshipped 

Her legs 

His fingers

Her satin silky skin

His silver tongue 

They dance, They Prance, have each other enhanced by each other on the floor and under the moon luminescence

They dance 

Words and kisses 

Teasing and breathing in each other until the intoxicating feelings end both of you laying in each others embrace 

Slow the hearts pace 

Cant forget her face 

Locked the door incase 

What a fun chase

Nothing will be in haste to revisit this evening of such a beautiful fable 


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