truth of poetry


May 2015

2 become 1

Let me play you out
I’ll have you finished and laying naked wrapped in my sheets
Now just listen to our hearts, As they beat
Just listen, My angel
Listen the our rhythm
Listen to our flesh crawling over one another
Embracing our sexual nature
Let me be your Shaman, Your Preacher
Let me guide you into the realm of bodily expression
As 2 Become 1

Lay here until the sun
Lay here until the moon is done
Let your love hit me
Like a solid ton
Place my eyes in your soul
As I kiss the very ground graced by your sole
Just touch me
Just touch me
Calm me, Entangle me, Captivate me
Let me and you stand and be true

Let me play this soulful music
Let me breath you in, Intermission
enjoy an encore

Let me be your submission
As I look unto a rose, I love your thorns
Touch me, Touch me, Touch me

As 2 become 1
Lets have some fun
Lets paint the town red
Making everything come to life that was dead

The creation is laying with us
In our bed, In our bed
As 2 become 1
Lets dance in each other heads
As 2 becomes 1



Esoteric Skeletons
Skeleton keys through the enigma
Breathing is shadows of fog and mist
This can’t be missed

Esoteric Buildings
Buildings blue prints to structure this palace
Filling in enigmas with shadows and darkness

Remember to mark this
These hands have marked this

Lighting blurs into shapes, Creatures, Ghost and all spirits that roam
In what we call
Esoteric forms
To the Towns, To the Cities, To the Village, To the Castles, To the Churches,
To the Chapels, To The People

We are all esoteric, Ambiguous, Mysterious, Enigmas to this plane of thought
Trained Brains without existence’s stain
Thinking outside the box
Esoteric surgery
A hoax to most

Brain Power

Stormed across the clouds
onto a palace of helium and floral patterns
Lost into a blur of abstract and in-selfish bliss
Passed in one breathe with a minute to splendor
St Peter dance with Apollo

The Evil is in the mind
The Enigma is a deadly kind
Mysteries conceal and bind
The Evil is in the mind

You dance with the lilies
I fell into the thrones
You were cascaded by the spring
I was pierced by the thrones

The finger nails reek of dirt and shame
The forehead, blister and shimmering by the sun
The sole of the statue, Used an abused
The soul of the machine, all shining and new
Muscles and Marrow
Leaking acid, Almost flaccid
Bones and Nerves
Running pain, all through the Brian

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