truth of poetry



Lights, camera, action

Take it away and let it live

Give it a name and watch it die

Until the lights go out on the st.

(Lites, camera, action. Fade into a st spotted by lights)

Flicker the match and burn the gasoline and leave the flesh melted and crude , raw and scarred

After this is created in prose

Hand it to the minds that can tear it apart with control and fresh eyes.

Words that tear and still feel because they care
Get these pictures, scenes and stories of old.

(lights, camera, film this st with speed and grace)

The pen is mightier then the sword

So st

art the ink to flow from the veins of the fingers attached to the minds guided by the soul that will create the words to cage the Gods

Stand in prose
Hold the candle
Guide the light past the gaze of night
Forward onto dawn
Stand in prose
(lights, camera, action)


New book of poetry

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SoCan Burns

Lights blare for you, Clare

the clear under tone of something clear

so much fear, so much beer

cancelled programs

SoCan burned  to the ground after you left

fire burned the streets to the pavement

“I blame you Flint Jackson”

15 chords played at once

the wolf loves to be on the hunts

for the arsonist

SoCan burns SoCan burns

A spokes person stands at the crowd

takes the crown with no frown,

Just a clown

for the poster boy to be the scape boat

floating down the moat in a pedal boat with a hole in the bottom of the moat

the water drains from the land to the brain

SoCan, SoCan’t burn 

SoCan’t burn flooded with water and road paint

hold close your saint

SoCan burns SoCan burns

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