truth of poetry



Lights, camera, action

Take it away and let it live

Give it a name and watch it die

Until the lights go out on the st.

(Lites, camera, action. Fade into a st spotted by lights)

Flicker the match and burn the gasoline and leave the flesh melted and crude , raw and scarred

After this is created in prose

Hand it to the minds that can tear it apart with control and fresh eyes.

Words that tear and still feel because they care
Get these pictures, scenes and stories of old.

(lights, camera, film this st with speed and grace)

The pen is mightier then the sword

So st

art the ink to flow from the veins of the fingers attached to the minds guided by the soul that will create the words to cage the Gods

Stand in prose
Hold the candle
Guide the light past the gaze of night
Forward onto dawn
Stand in prose
(lights, camera, action)


New book of poetry

If you enjoy the prose of The lizard king and the odes of T.S Eliot. The outer perception of William Blake. Check out the new full length book of poetry.  Out now!!!
Titled “The beauty of mystery” by Dorian grey


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Winters Run

The cold nips at your knees

Like a dog herding you, away

From the destination you want

and making you want

The destination the dog wants  ( like sheep to the slaughter)

Humans to winters run

Fingers blue, Lungs ensue

As breathing stops to smile with pleasure

As oxygen freezes right in front of your teeth

With the sun still shinning, Never feeling its brilliance

Wanting warmth, Pinning

We all want blankets and blankets out of winters run

When will winters run be done?

And we can feel the brilliance of the sun

And lose the dog from our knees

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