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Hell we create

Watch as a man dressed in a black suit with a skinny tie. Strut towards the middle of the night. Longing into the foggy mist of the unknown.
In the dark there lies the evil, the nightmares, the monsters lurking in the shadows. But if you pay the man due.
He will keep those shadows wounded

Straight from the boat mans mouth a line and sinker. Hooking your teeth and dragging you to hell below.
Where evil wont linger
But if you pay the man due
He will keep those shadows wounded

Look for the devil in the details and summon the might to write in the pen that is mightier then the sword.
As sticks and stones may break bones
My silver tongue will cut you
You can dance with the devil
And haunt the prey
But you will always be the one who’s slane


new spoken word track

poetry found on AMAZON!!

elected endeavours of emperors just some great poetry

A portrait

I am this Cynical, Sadistic, Independent old Grime of a child 

Who can’t see past his own nose, in-spite of all my experiences and experiments 

Team player has died into me 

Blackened & Poison filled man 

Who can only see the False, the Fake silver lining in the brightest summers warmest day of Love 

And how you ask?

I’ve been asking that same question every day 

& still NO answer has become alive

Fair Trade

You can’t forgive me for being a soulless man 

Dont forgive me for loving you as my right hand 

Forgive me for forgetting to be human, not just sometimes 

Forgive me for playing God with the animal I confined 


Ambiguous and satin 

You can’t understand this polar opposite , in this palace made of Ivory and cursed with an ebony blemish 


Lighting surrounds your sanctuary

like the gods hand collapsing around your mind 

Tell a Tale 

Caught by the Tail 

Caught in a lie 

This place, I feel 

will burn tonight 

only if you can forgive me for committing Lunacy & heresy 

                                                                  Treason & Trail 

                                                                  Blasphemy & blunder 

Against the throne 

Against the Throne, or against a Thorn?

Only the nightingale found true scorn hidden in her side

Bearing a cross on bare bone and torn flesh

All for a Message of Love


Is Death the fair trade for Love? 


The Whys and who’s

Why do we do what we do?

Are we just pawns in this chess game, we call life?

and if so, why are we always in check mate? 

Why do we say what we say?

Is it a defensive camo or actually a breath of fresh air?

Are we here to be watched or just to be lost?

Why is it that emotions run high? When they were never in control of these souls.

It is human to live by emotions or is it human to live with the knowing of when to take control of said emotions?

Who’s doing this? Who’s moving these pieces of 8 around this never ending circle? 

Under the sky

Under the sky….. With the foundation of her bottle


4 the Stars

5 the Scars

6 the Gods

7 the Demons

8 the Light

Encoded in the numbers Written in news paper fonts


All Hail

All Fail

All Tail

All follow the Knife

Blood trails through the carpet

Blood trails off my hands

I wash myself clean, I WASH MYSLEF CLEAN

Physical Life

The hairs on my neck stand straight up

Is this Fantasy or Fake?

Her fingers linger

Will I bend or Break?

As time fills out

Will it Stop or Go?

The notes ring in the new tear

Can it be Better or Worst?

Raising a glass

To Good Health or A Quick Death

Kissed for the first time

Will Lips part yet feel closer?

Money, Money, Money 

Buy all happiness or Find Loneliness?


Is it all in Vain, Will only the stylish enter heaven?

As the ugly stand and burn?

Vain, Lust of flesh, Vanity at its best

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