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New book of poetry

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Build a future

A starting line. A roll of the dice. A lucky draw and the royal flush is yours.
The money well will serve you well after you make it out alive from this table. Stand and walk away with your hands in your pockets and eyes like a floor gazer. A shoe starer. eyes wander not unto the desert floor.
Bit linger not to the sky. Only seeing what will be in front of you.
Tumble weeds
And sharp shooters looking for their last fight. Their securing of their legend. Legacies walk down the road and look only for a drinking hole to quench the thirst of a long days working on the railroads.  Building a future.   Building a future

new spoken word track

new spoken word track

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hey all. this is my fully length book of poetry.

check her out and enjoy words of the most elegant feelings and paintings of fantasies

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poetry found on AMAZON!!

elected endeavours of emperors just some great poetry

Stunnin’ as always

Tattoo’d, line’d & Accentin’ the curves of her hips 

Colours invade an already stunning spectrum of beauty, shadin’ in with soft lips & captivatin’ eyes

(windows to a soul that lights the darkest of nights)

Skin so soft 

( what had started as white as snow now has a hue of sun, addin’ maturity to a definin’ Angel)

Cascading hair 

Dark carmel hair flows down her shoulders sealing her décolletage

(framed into becoming a picture that even the sunrise is frail to look upon)

Stunning  – An epic portrait for a demon to awake to!

Long legs lead you to her breathe taking smile

( every part captivatin’ and Intriguin’)

Elegant, Flaw’d in all the perfect ways 

Hauntin’ to the touch 

Delicious to the taste 

Stunnin’ as always!!



the link below will bring you from below to above in spoken word

Sticks and stones

sticks and stones may break my bones
but I always will be true
you might not find the prove in it…….but I’m still in love with you

Coffee shops and biscuits
conversations over due….this place I will sit and be with you

cause the sun won’t rise without your smile and the doves won’t sing their tune
but tonight I’m asleep like a babe in arms…all cuddle close to you

Ill take you out and boast to them
beggars will always want food
even the thorn on the rose stem, will always remind me of home….like you do
with all I need
your all I need
all and only you

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