truth of poetry


March 2015

The S’s Show the Symptoms

Simplified Systematic Surroundings

Signal something in space and sinister synergy

So come and Sit, Settle and smile towards the sky

As we salute a symbol written on the shoulders of the soldiers with stained skin

on hands and knees scared in submission of subtle sincerity and secrets

Cynically Sounding the Sirens Song

Swim to the strangest shores and search for a single symptom of sanitary sanctuary to see the oldest soul

So far seared in silver satin silky slime, Reaching for the stars

As we steer through the spot in the seas

Stumble up the stairs

Slip on the sublime

As the sane shoots to Saturn

Saying So Long



She dances with the pen

Dipped in bloody ink, so the page shows footsteps of a sacred soul

Her dress flows in the wind

Beautiful and Elegant

Miss-understood to the world

But her man sees the perfect picture

Not just a silhouette in the foreground

But he sees the prelude to the a pure painting of life

Vincent Von Gogh would stop, stand and stare at

The Mona Lisa would smile with the Gods as they watch this enchantress dance

Dancing souls, Never fools

He will write of her beauty in sonnets, odes, and poems

and Never let go

He will prove this, In every waking moment

He will prove this, in every waking moment. Fore evermore

Left Behind

Clearly Sincerely

                 You are the uncultured swine

                  Dripping flu, Down and blue

                 To a format of life with meaning

                 Steaming in spirit and longing to be more

                   Then to be left behind, Again

Path ways Pathological Ideals

Slipping on a banana peel

Watching a photo reel of something you never had the honour to feel

All you can do is reel

From loss of experience and Life’s ordeals

Liars all willing to steal

Soldiers are willing to heal

this is all a dream

Everything is Portion

Everything in Motion

Everything beseeches Ocean

You lose everything on the oceans

After you drink the sirens potion

Taste her passion

As your blood starts roasting on your tongue

This is all a dream!

This is all a dream!!

This is all a dream!!!

You scream at the mirror!!!

Your lost on this big blue ocean

and cant find the motion in which way is up

Your tongue taste boasting

but your brain is all fuzzy notions

This is all a dream

This is all a dream

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