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Grave robber grace robber

Under a midnight sky

A fresh full moon

Staring right down your throat

Still the sky changes not to blood or darkness

But to an even brighter full moon

So you can watch the grim reaper walk down the tracks  (hell hounds on leash)

Whistling your tune

Grave robber grave robber

Take my coffin

Throw it to the sea and let it take me


New book of poetry

If you enjoy the prose of The lizard king and the odes of T.S Eliot. The outer perception of William Blake. Check out the new full length book of poetry.  Out now!!!
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Little Evil Angel – SoundCloud

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Silver salvation. ( the next track by Dorian Grey)



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poetry found on AMAZON!!

elected endeavours of emperors just some great poetry

Stunnin’ as always

Tattoo’d, line’d & Accentin’ the curves of her hips 

Colours invade an already stunning spectrum of beauty, shadin’ in with soft lips & captivatin’ eyes

(windows to a soul that lights the darkest of nights)

Skin so soft 

( what had started as white as snow now has a hue of sun, addin’ maturity to a definin’ Angel)

Cascading hair 

Dark carmel hair flows down her shoulders sealing her décolletage

(framed into becoming a picture that even the sunrise is frail to look upon)

Stunning  – An epic portrait for a demon to awake to!

Long legs lead you to her breathe taking smile

( every part captivatin’ and Intriguin’)

Elegant, Flaw’d in all the perfect ways 

Hauntin’ to the touch 

Delicious to the taste 

Stunnin’ as always!!




Listen to what I’m saying
every scene you will see is part, hand in hand with the seven seas
sweetly adrift in a swarm of sirens

a scorn to the chest and your entering the sirens nest confess to all this slander in scandal

surrounded by songs sung by the angels that we hear singing the song sung by king david
when he saw his siren in the shimmering light of the moon
as it shown down on her silhouette in a shine so bright
that the light stepped down and kneeled on her shoulders
Traveling the seven seas in search of sanctuary form the storm
with safety in sight with these scars on this ship
we all fall to the depths of the sea
find davy jones and hunt for this siren, scorn to slave hearts
striking lust into the stained hands of the sea
and find satan sitting on a stool signing the dotted line
so many times security failed
so I say ladies stay away
secretly seeking serpents sickness, slither sideways swaying silently and so far sneaky
scared sacred scenes, saw stayed stowed ships sink slowly shaking sirens singing songs of sad sighs, sights and sounds
and with this sinister smile on the cheshire cats face
this silent cynical sermon will show the slightest advance of simplified systems of seduction

since time stopped of started
space and son have spun out of the surrounding surface and started a sirens solitude of solitary sentencing
stoop into a stew of scarf ice and searching for
some venom
some vices
snakes, serpents, smoke and smog
surround this space
slight of hand is slippery slimy and spoken in hush songs
some evil
some sin
sensual, sexual, skin, sex
single the sex in sinful satin
storing the subdued stories of scars
stained in the bed
starting to see the slight sight of light
searching for the sabre and signalling her to start slicing the seven sins
into a shattered mirror of society

Where did we go?

Chemicals, Poison, Tributes to the sounds of Spiritual themes 

Chantings, Singing, Fire circles and Smoke signs 

Bursting through the veins to the brains of computer feed humans 

The “in destiny” has breed you all

Calling cards designed into flesh 

Zombies to T.V.

& Ghosts to tress, places and playgrounds

Ghost towns and Valleys become dried up rivers

Intoxicated & entangled in a web of nerves and viens, Blood & Cells 

Hands, Fingers holding close to the heart 

Hair standing on end to Ratify the choices 

To be a reckoning of the ages 

The silver lining into the rising sun 

Cast out the hallow moon

Little Evil Angel

Here is a spoken word track.  Check er out!!!! 

Produced by Mikey Bars 

Writing by Dorian Grey 


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