truth of poetry


May 2014

Where did we go?

Chemicals, Poison, Tributes to the sounds of Spiritual themes 

Chantings, Singing, Fire circles and Smoke signs 

Bursting through the veins to the brains of computer feed humans 

The “in destiny” has breed you all

Calling cards designed into flesh 

Zombies to T.V.

& Ghosts to tress, places and playgrounds

Ghost towns and Valleys become dried up rivers

Intoxicated & entangled in a web of nerves and viens, Blood & Cells 

Hands, Fingers holding close to the heart 

Hair standing on end to Ratify the choices 

To be a reckoning of the ages 

The silver lining into the rising sun 

Cast out the hallow moon


A portrait

I am this Cynical, Sadistic, Independent old Grime of a child 

Who can’t see past his own nose, in-spite of all my experiences and experiments 

Team player has died into me 

Blackened & Poison filled man 

Who can only see the False, the Fake silver lining in the brightest summers warmest day of Love 

And how you ask?

I’ve been asking that same question every day 

& still NO answer has become alive

Through concrete

& They will follow behind you, lead you astray

& You will dive into concrete, to secure the grave 

Broken, Broken Blades 

Stained in plane aspects 

Stained in Plain aspects 

from your hands 

Down with the ship 

Down with the stars 

Down with the scars 

Down with the ship 

The caption goes Down with the ship, Follow the current 

Waves, swirls. tides on strange seas, strange days 

Will stay, A lay 

With Broken, Broken Blades 

Stained hands 

Stained uniforms 

Stained gallows stands 

They will follow you through concrete, Down the hall to the grave 

Flowers for Mother

Fair Trade

You can’t forgive me for being a soulless man 

Dont forgive me for loving you as my right hand 

Forgive me for forgetting to be human, not just sometimes 

Forgive me for playing God with the animal I confined 


Ambiguous and satin 

You can’t understand this polar opposite , in this palace made of Ivory and cursed with an ebony blemish 


Lighting surrounds your sanctuary

like the gods hand collapsing around your mind 

Tell a Tale 

Caught by the Tail 

Caught in a lie 

This place, I feel 

will burn tonight 

only if you can forgive me for committing Lunacy & heresy 

                                                                  Treason & Trail 

                                                                  Blasphemy & blunder 

Against the throne 

Against the Throne, or against a Thorn?

Only the nightingale found true scorn hidden in her side

Bearing a cross on bare bone and torn flesh

All for a Message of Love


Is Death the fair trade for Love? 


Little Evil Angel

Here is a spoken word track.  Check er out!!!! 

Produced by Mikey Bars 

Writing by Dorian Grey 


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