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September 2013

Wade in the water

In the distance I find a man standing under the grass on the other side

Fresh? I ask

Yours looks fresh. He said

With the dirt and clovers hidden under the leaves Dead leaves and the dying breath of summer till next years time


Shall we go for a pint? Discuss which side is greener. I spoke up

We shall, tonight for some pot pie and pints. We’ll talk of times and times running out

He answered (lighting a cigarette)

Minds found at a cross roads

Filled with questions and answers for the questions of others, Diaries of the chain gang, working the rails and blundering about freedom and where to go to get away

Blues carried the blues to heaven

As they wade in the water, children Wade in the water


Physical Life

The hairs on my neck stand straight up

Is this Fantasy or Fake?

Her fingers linger

Will I bend or Break?

As time fills out

Will it Stop or Go?

The notes ring in the new tear

Can it be Better or Worst?

Raising a glass

To Good Health or A Quick Death

Kissed for the first time

Will Lips part yet feel closer?

Money, Money, Money 

Buy all happiness or Find Loneliness?


Is it all in Vain, Will only the stylish enter heaven?

As the ugly stand and burn?

Vain, Lust of flesh, Vanity at its best

Safe and satisfied

Held down by her legs , Wrapped around my waist

With finger nails left imbedded in my back and chest

With the smell of sex and passion, Sweat and blood

She Finds the noose to hold me in place

As she teases and plays (like a tiger playing with its prey)

Having me begging for more, Wishing to never stop

I cant help but love these games we play

A Little S&M goes along way

Still tied to the bed, smiling from ear to ear

As she has found ecstasy and now sleeps on my chest

Curled up by Her man, not able to wrap my arms around her

yet feeling safe and satisfied once again






Sleepless again

Restless until the end of the moons reign

Yet she wakes me in the most dearest of times

and asked to be held

Across the oceans she’s awake

Across the oceans I felt her whispers and kiss on my lips

Sleepless again 

awake and Ill fight this till I see you again

After this port will release me to the watery roads

Ill become the only true sailor to find the lighthouse

Since its Not a physical Light but the light that comes from her soul

That I will be guided by

So until Sun rise

Until the time I can hold you again

I Will BE Sleepless



Ill t


Changing of times

Can you feel it?

there’s a change in the wind

As the white rabbit wanders the tracks and the hobos gather their newspaper beddings

There’s a cold breath of fresh air coming from the north east

Holding something new and becoming of the season Yet letting something die away for a rest and recharge

Now as the morning greets me, Jack frost nipps at my nose and fingers as I enjoy a cigarette with the sunrise

Bottle collectors race to bet the cold and stay warm as they look for gold in trash cans

Its the changing of times

The finds of new art The lingering of  fresh colours

Its the changing of  style for mother earth and the warning bell for father time to start slowing down (well so it seems )

As days drag on like when a victim watch’s their hour glass fade and the work grows slow yet harder

As old man winter crawls towards his chair

just awaking to find her gone with summer and the song



To The Bank

hey hey I will take it to the bank and yes all in thanks.

For the exhcange of souls , goals and moral codes

As the huge glass door circled like they should

There became an odd smell of burning money

As I walked to the teller She pointed to my pants Saying “Sir, your pocket is burning”

I said ” I know, thats why Im here.

To see if you would you like to join me for dinner some drinks and dancing?

Before this money burns a hole in my pocket

And I become just a noramal man For the next 2 weeks


How I long for the sirens to take me into the depths of the under known hold my breath and breathe for me. causing mystrey of longing  for all I need

The sweet smell of the sea My last breaht tonight To my love, I love thee and please forgive me

The ship that flys no colours will bear this heart 7 sea’s with ports to see and ports to forget

The ship that hails no colours hangs men with no names in remembence reminding a name is nothing but words to the dead Davey jones has your name in blood and he’ll call you his dog

elected endeavours of emperors

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She slides across the floor With legs long and silky As she closes the door, behind you You cant help but be under her trance

With that look in her eye She knows you cant deny What she wants to have and what she wants to enjoy

My parting flesh for fantacy My kisses of bliss and fingers of longing touch

To be enjoyed for one more night With intense suffering and longing for more

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