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Terrorism wont stop LOVE

In the wake of fear
Love stands as fears opposition
Words and fists do not need to raised to be loves assistance
Love brings us to the true meaning of life
Where human differences die 
Where emotions burn at the stake
And find love sitting and laughing in the ashes
And keeping all the lights in the sky


Sands of time

A eunuch stands at the hallow grounds. Singing into the hollow tree trunk. Singing of lovers lost and a life once watched.

Standing in awe of the mist as the night revives to the  fog as the dawn rolls into the hallow ground. Rolling in like the tide curling over the sands of time

White over green

And weeds wrapping around the sphere of water like a bag in the wind

Still the eunuch can’t find the answers to the song that he sings

Or what the morning starts to bring

Minds criss cross in a single wrinkle in time

Spirits roam in wandering towards the light

Lingering and labouring through the walls into the sands of time

White on grey

Swinging through the breeze less hallways and corridors

The afternoon is when they take their tea

Looking as the waves curl onto the sands of time from the grasping sea

Now all will be

And the sands of time will never cease to show what needs to be seen

I Am A Passenger

As the water flows

The mystery shows

Dancing, As the wind blows

The Letters (The Red Letters) Around

This poisoned Ground

Making nothing not even and sound

The Train stops and sighs with smoke

Passengers Choke

On the words they spoke “I Am A Passenger, I Am A Passenger”

As you walk through the streets

Snapping your fingers to the beats

People looking…..oh so meek

Not knowing what they seek

The plane comes to a complete screech

on the pavement

Hands Held out…… For payment

Saying “I Am A Passenger, I Am A Passenger, I Am A Passenger”

Put here before us

To climb the hill

Put here before us

To spit the pill

Put here before us

To dance under the sill

Put here before us

Through this all

It was put here before us

On & On & On & On

The Gems of the Nile

cover the shore line in a pile, of such beauty with such mesmerizing scenes

This world is held in denial of meaning

The colours,The shaped  rows and rows are all screaming

on & on & on & on

Stand with me, Bath with me, Dance with me

To the other side, the other worlds are calling for meaning

Transporting into otherness

Idols, Gods, Art all derived from the wayside

What a scene of screaming beauty

To be back in innocence of style and sight

To see the light as it truly wants to be seen and have been

As it goes

on & on & on & on

Adrift,( remove this)

restless rift

all just floating on a raft of anxiety and nervous pleas

paid the fee to cross the mindless state of america

Hysteria burns through the plains and pains of flight or fight

remove this

remove this

remove this

life’s kiss is a “miss” understood rose or maybe thorns

when Horns pierce the side

Porn covered on all channels of snowy T.V.

restless minds

all kinds of binds and times

all adrift on a raft

Nothing is out there

How are you feeling today?

Is there anything out there?

Smoke and smog or fog

Shadow’s linger on the Devil’s finger

To the danger we smile, with a crooked grin and a glass of gin

Cigarettes between lines and lies

Lips and clever tips, of money and advice

This is America……… (freedom of truth)

Stranger’s to Danger

Stranger’s to the saner part of……….. (reality)

Now, How are you feeling?

Nothing is out there

The Endless Circle


Crafty Red handed, Angels of the depth of the heart 


A man’s soul mate, A life sucker towards the best part


A trophy for the strong and a shameful loss for the weak 


A humans existence to hide the meek 


The black starless travel for the bleak 


A mindless Physical illusion for us to seek 


A place to only strive in limbo towards Death and Afterlife 


A palace for us to enjoy all the sirens seductive might 


Dear Purity

Dear Purity 


Licking curry, making everything Blurry 

Your in such a hurry 

Your cuteness went for a scurry 

Across the hall and into Hells Jury 

Plead Guilty 

Sat on the bench in a knot of worry 

For life and youth will flee in a furry 

But Don’t Worry

Dear Purity 

Ill find a place with no worry 

and traffic will stop  in a hurry

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