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January 2014

The Whys and who’s

Why do we do what we do?

Are we just pawns in this chess game, we call life?

and if so, why are we always in check mate? 

Why do we say what we say?

Is it a defensive camo or actually a breath of fresh air?

Are we here to be watched or just to be lost?

Why is it that emotions run high? When they were never in control of these souls.

It is human to live by emotions or is it human to live with the knowing of when to take control of said emotions?

Who’s doing this? Who’s moving these pieces of 8 around this never ending circle? 



a rose is just a rose? until the right man holds it close

man leaning on cane


Art and Stencils

just a few stencils I have been working on.


Here is the link to my bands first EP. which will be on iTunes in feb!!!

A story of life

Still not knowing why your here

Why did you listen to the voices and what they said

As your heart was screaming “the right answer”

“This is the mystery”

The question was simple the answer laid not in the shadows of the heart but in the light your saw

in her eyes

Not strange faces or feelings but morals and insites are now changed yet you live in a conutry that is strange.   Only because you estranged yourself form it. Yes you did this!

Now as you hide from this place, this choice, this country you dont hate anyone. The hate you feel and show is only directed to yourself My firend, you are your worst enemy

This place went strange as soon as you  walked down the cat walk to the sliding doors where family, friends and lovers await for your return.  Still you seem lost, lonely. feeling of where Am I watching over you a feeling you dont like and never understood A feeling you wish would part That was 2 years ago and your still anxious and cant sit still at “home” This place is filled with love, museing ablitlies yet the longing you want/need is under the moon as the sunrise to your window.

“This is the mystery”

The world turns and you still feel like you’ll never be close again. Close to the answer you saw, closer to the light in her eyes closer, closer, closer

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