truth of poetry



Me, Maybe

This place left in a palace full of malice and pride
Carpets and tapestries all formed from human hide
Stand Focused, Awake and Aware
Stand under the ivories embrace and leave this broken mirror, looking at its own face
Believe me, sir
I have seen the black panther purr
Killed her and wore her fur
This was done with nothing pure
Will these walls fall? (As Jericho slammed to the ground)
Trumpets and voices sound (All came tumbling down)
Now bound to a voice of reason and blasphemy
Blinded by a place of the darkest unseen
Hell now seems like a love scene (In Paradise)
Fire and Brim stone lead ashes to ashes standing tall

Embrace me
Murder me
Smash my Roses and Burn my Bridges
Understand me, Maybe


Winters Run

The cold nips at your knees

Like a dog herding you, away

From the destination you want

and making you want

The destination the dog wants  ( like sheep to the slaughter)

Humans to winters run

Fingers blue, Lungs ensue

As breathing stops to smile with pleasure

As oxygen freezes right in front of your teeth

With the sun still shinning, Never feeling its brilliance

Wanting warmth, Pinning

We all want blankets and blankets out of winters run

When will winters run be done?

And we can feel the brilliance of the sun

And lose the dog from our knees

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