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Eternity and evermore

1 year
365 days
With hand in hand walking in the rain
With some pain but a truly beautiful gain
As we painted the town red stain
This love will be sustain for all to see
This fame
We all call love!!!
This song of the morning dove
A blessing from above
All in her eyes is love
For eternity  and ever more


Sands of time

A eunuch stands at the hallow grounds. Singing into the hollow tree trunk. Singing of lovers lost and a life once watched.

Standing in awe of the mist as the night revives to the  fog as the dawn rolls into the hallow ground. Rolling in like the tide curling over the sands of time

White over green

And weeds wrapping around the sphere of water like a bag in the wind

Still the eunuch can’t find the answers to the song that he sings

Or what the morning starts to bring

Minds criss cross in a single wrinkle in time

Spirits roam in wandering towards the light

Lingering and labouring through the walls into the sands of time

White on grey

Swinging through the breeze less hallways and corridors

The afternoon is when they take their tea

Looking as the waves curl onto the sands of time from the grasping sea

Now all will be

And the sands of time will never cease to show what needs to be seen

Secrets in art and prose

With the wine sitting on the table. Dancing with the flames of the 4 candles that are lit, all in celebration and memories of 4 years spent in an embrace of each other. Dancing through the grape vines and journeying the chasms of life. 
2 paths collided and spun in a downward spiral to find the handle just before the ground came upon the sky.
Holding each other tightly and gathering momentum and waltzing past the clouds and the crossroads.
Whispering the secrets in art and prose only into each others ears.
Kiss and enjoy the sweet honey from her lips kiss and enjoy the sweet passion from his lips.
Enjoy the day
Enjoy the nite
Let these candles burn bright. For next year we drink with 1 more candle and memories to celebrate.
Dancing with life and all the secrets in art and prose.

New book of poetry

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Little Evil Angel – SoundCloud

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Sit on the crooked chair under the ladder stair and receive a standing overture of stares. Plain ppl stare into the night so a reflection wont be reflected back to the dead. Systems broken leadership on bend and knee. Why didn’t we see that hindsight in 20/20. Just like the honey bee before they emerge from their slumber. They know to think before acting. Stir the flower, waste the energy from the sun. And steal their nectar from the pedals and harvest the life blood to which we call existence.   Existence burns in the veins.  Sweet as honey to the taste. Fiery and alive till we stop existing and just start being. Not like the honey bee. But just like the plain ppl that stare into the night 

Beautiful Fable

She’s still looking across the table 

He’s still gliding across the floor 

Shall we dance? Turn all this into a beautiful fable 

Make sure you lock the door 

In private, In flesh all is revealed and worshipped 

Her legs 

His fingers

Her satin silky skin

His silver tongue 

They dance, They Prance, have each other enhanced by each other on the floor and under the moon luminescence

They dance 

Words and kisses 

Teasing and breathing in each other until the intoxicating feelings end both of you laying in each others embrace 

Slow the hearts pace 

Cant forget her face 

Locked the door incase 

What a fun chase

Nothing will be in haste to revisit this evening of such a beautiful fable 


poetry found on AMAZON!!

elected endeavours of emperors just some great poetry

Stunnin’ as always

Tattoo’d, line’d & Accentin’ the curves of her hips 

Colours invade an already stunning spectrum of beauty, shadin’ in with soft lips & captivatin’ eyes

(windows to a soul that lights the darkest of nights)

Skin so soft 

( what had started as white as snow now has a hue of sun, addin’ maturity to a definin’ Angel)

Cascading hair 

Dark carmel hair flows down her shoulders sealing her décolletage

(framed into becoming a picture that even the sunrise is frail to look upon)

Stunning  – An epic portrait for a demon to awake to!

Long legs lead you to her breathe taking smile

( every part captivatin’ and Intriguin’)

Elegant, Flaw’d in all the perfect ways 

Hauntin’ to the touch 

Delicious to the taste 

Stunnin’ as always!!



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