truth of poetry




Is suicide the answer?

Does it make you feel human?

Does it make you feel alive?

or is it all for fake fame, all to be forgotten by the loved ones?

Buried under a blank grave, not a white washed tomb but a waste of marble and dirt

What is suicide?

but only a cry for help and self loathing

or the inescapable  feeling of “you are only human

Is suicide for a name or just to receive shame?

To try and achieve Fame is suicide is its purest form

maybe there is a calm after the storm

Suicide is just Lame porn for the weak to beat off to

and die far from the answers, far from being human

Suicide anyone?


poetry found on AMAZON!!

elected endeavours of emperors just some great poetry

A loss of creativity

And the flame flickers

On & On & On & ON

Downing the wax, congealing 

The eager urge to burn slowly 

The colour Yellow blues 

burn into pale dim eye balls 

Lasting to a image of such….



A touch of shadow to the minds eye

& still its closed of to inspiration 

Not stuck in the box 

Placed gentle into the box by their own right hands 

So maybe the flame will not flicker 

On & On & On & On


I don’t Drink

I don’t do Drugs

I don’t smoke Cigarettes

I’ve died quicker then I’ve lived

Confined in just a Room

Confined in just my Mind

Come & fined these Teeth 

Come & Fined all these Scars

Bled dry by the razor blades, stuck, in bedded into flesh that I cut away 

I don’t Bleed 

I don’t Cry 

I don’t feel Human 

I deny my instincts 

I deny my Emotion 

I hide my Heart 

I chain my Soul, to the same blade that scared my flesh 

with no character and smile



After This

And he pushed himself to the ending of time

the stopping of what was created to fight against

He pushed himself, no sleep, no food all  mindset and walking alone

Yes, Depression has its loneliness Yet death is a better friend then they.

THEY are called only by name once seen flying

ARE they just stories

 ONLY by the time you read this

AFTER He pushed himself to break  and shot


After this, all this, names fade and become fake

After all this people will remember nothing other then how you died.

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