The Calming over the storm
The Blind leading the Deaf
in search of so much more

The Swamp, The Mire, The Moor
All sink into the hallows
Feet wading in muddy shallows
Shins blurred into bone marrow
Still we dance, Tonight
we drink to the fright
the sun rises after the night
This Swamp, This Mire, This Moor
All such a mighty sight

Light the eucalyptus
you need to lift this
and let the candle float in hell

The only time you heal, is when your alone
The only time you steal, is when your cut to the bone

Dried after the storm
like a woman scorn
A man is born, Naked and searching

Let the field of corn, be sown
after the rain, and reaping has grown

Letting the blind lead the deaf
there’s nothing let to see
Letting the mute speak to the slow
Human’s can start to be

Stand at the gate
watch the garden grow
and burn all the fate
letting destiny a flow
Through the gate and have this garden grow