its the ghost of 7 pasts
its the phantom of the grave
its the devil in the closet
and the skeleton will bring life fast
unto the naked eye
things happen in a time that is only seen because the shadows move the set
the stage is always rotating and evolving into a town, a seaside, a open field or a broken night mare of a scene that was only written about in a time when dragons ruled the earth and fire reigned into the volcanos.
the cascading boulders and stones throwing to the sins of man
the earth we fight to survive and strive into existence and history
people have lived before and died before
they have created before and destroyed before
they have fought on the the same bloody ground you fight on now
all before, before happened
Colours have changed to become vivid and dull fading into the epic background
surrounding the skies to see the seas and the tides waving to the stars and hiding the bubbles
that lead to the deep part of the universe
the unknown of what we thought was known
the blue that has now turned to black
sending in the nightmares the dreams and the stories of sailors survived the utter danger
that has been sent in by the tides of last days
in 7 pasts
the grave was empty
the closet was locked
and life was walking with more then skeleton on