10,000 bound

20,000 found

30,000 sound an alarm to start the hunt in these hallow grounds

This palace of ivory 

Carve’d from hungry slaves 

Mounted on a holy well, and 3 witches placed  a spell

So all that pass by, walk into hell 


2,000 bells ring 

3,000 long lasting chimes

4,000 brilliant candles, lining the path to hell 

The blind, the mute, the lame have all found hell 

They will tell this tale 

in a fashionable way, They hail 

for the boat men, his dog wielding the devils 6 tales 

Dance with the devil 

When the levee breaks 

Heaven will stop this take…………Fade to black, Cut to edit and Throw away 

Dancing all day 

Running all night 

Bet the gallows sway 

Let the blood drip bright 

As Heaven Stops This Take