There was a time when being alone, was having her beside you

Relax’d in each others embrace, presence and passions

Scaling the walls, Did our love bleed, Ascending towards the heavens of Zeus, Jesus, Buddha and all the other black nameless God’s of our time


Her kiss, Burn’d onto my lips

How I miss, Holding onto her hips

Pure bliss, on the rose tips

Dancing amiss, in the garden of pips


Dreams weave’d from reality

(since reality has now trump’d Surreality)

Her skin soft, satin and colour’d with a dark silk

Dancing in the rain

Dripping with passion

Desire for beauty

Deep, Dark eyes piercing toward the devils “good side”

Starring down the world

Tearing down the walls

Bearing the falls



Angels we have heard on high 

Sweetly sings her beautiful lullaby 

and the mountains in reply, echo in a joyful sing