he had spoken


the jester said in compliance


not to be roped in


to never be fined

socialize, romanticize, problemize all your thoughts to compromise to hollywood


calling cards                                                                          lost and found

falling hard towards a plate of knives                                     toss’d and bound

a bed of nails to treat those hives                                         Boss’d the sound

a ghost for alive lives                                                          held around the sound that was found

a special, half off any dive                                                  in a tightly bound envelop

cascading down to find a sound and carrie frowned on TV


goodbye to all the stars

hello to the fans afar

and we can find the only time to scar

up in the sky with a silver lining in the dive bars


beer cans, whiskey hands, bottles laying on stands, dreaming of far off lands

as we play out the bands