You can’t forgive me for being a soulless man 

Dont forgive me for loving you as my right hand 

Forgive me for forgetting to be human, not just sometimes 

Forgive me for playing God with the animal I confined 


Ambiguous and satin 

You can’t understand this polar opposite , in this palace made of Ivory and cursed with an ebony blemish 


Lighting surrounds your sanctuary

like the gods hand collapsing around your mind 

Tell a Tale 

Caught by the Tail 

Caught in a lie 

This place, I feel 

will burn tonight 

only if you can forgive me for committing Lunacy & heresy 

                                                                  Treason & Trail 

                                                                  Blasphemy & blunder 

Against the throne 

Against the Throne, or against a Thorn?

Only the nightingale found true scorn hidden in her side

Bearing a cross on bare bone and torn flesh

All for a Message of Love


Is Death the fair trade for Love?