Hometown:      Welland, ON, CA    
Genres:      Alternative    
Members: Josh Brazeau – Guitar/Vocals, Justin Brazeau – Drums, Dorian Grey – Bass, Kat Kerley – Vocals/Kalimba        

When a group of diverse individuals comes together with passion and drive for a common purpose, magic happens. Music has long been a part of Josh, Justin, Dorian, and Kat’s lives, but as heartbreak and struggle provided Josh Brazeau with the fuel to create powerful music, he knew that a career in music was a dream that he had no choice but to pursue.  His versatile vocals, dynamic lyrics, and driving, soulful guitar melodies are the backbone of Ardent.

Who better to go on a journey with you than people you love? When it came time for Josh to put a band together, his life-long friend Dorian Grey, with a similar dream to make the arts a life’s pursuit, left a life in China to help make Ardent happen.  Dorian’s poetic and artistic nature (check out his debut book “Elected Endeavours of Emperors”) make him an excellent bass player and future soloist and songwriter.  Justin Brazeau is not only a phenomenal drummer with an intense love of music, but is also Josh’s younger brother and an essential part of this adventure.  Justin’s proficient drumming combines a flair for metal with an incredible control that give Ardent an eclectic rock sound.  Josh’s partner Kat Kerley had forgotten the power of music performance until he encouraged her to explore her talents.  Kat’s clean voice and story-like lyrics are a surprising and rich addition to the band.

Ardent is a family, both of blood and circumstance.  The strength of the bonds between Josh, Justin, Dorian, and Kat allow them to challenge one another to grow and evolve, creating a sound that continues to deepen as they come to know themselves and each other through music.  Their debut EP “Ardent (a.k.a. Give it Shit)” will be available to stream and download soon.  Stay tuned to this page for updates regarding live performances.